October 03, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner. WV ATC's Erin Lash submits the following tips for making the holiday a little more fun for all:

  • Create a visual story of what Halloween may be like for your child, with some pictures or drawings. This will help your child prepare for the day’s activities;
  • Try on costumes before Halloween. If the costume is uncomfortable or doesn’t fit right, it may cause unnecessary distress and ruin their fun;
  • If your child does not like his or her costume, don’t make them wear it. Instead, talk about the situation with your child and try to uncover the reason why they don’t like it. After you talk with your child, they may gradually get used to the costume. Have them wear it for short periods of time and at increasing intervals over time.;
  • Consider a Halloween costume that fits over your child’s regular clothes, such as butterfly wings or capes;
  • Before the big day, practice going to a neighbor’s door, ringing the bell or knocking on the door and receiving candy.
Some Halloween participants like to hand out a card, similar to the one below, to help with saying "Trick or Treat!"

Above all else, enjoy yourself! That's what this holiday is all about!

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